Paraglide on the Best Spot in the World

"While traveling around the world I had one thing in mind: to find the best spot for paragliding. After having flown in more than 20 countries throughout four continents I discovered El Hierro by chance. The landscape and flying conditions were so exceptional that I decided to start living on the island. Thanks to stable meteorology and the island’s orography it’s the best place for tandem paragliding."


An option for those preferring a quick adventure. Paragliding is addictive though and you might not want to come back down to Earth. Just tell the pilot to fly longer and upgrade your flight last-minute in the air.

Duration approx. 10 min.
Price 90,- EUR


The most frequent choice of our clients, giving you enough time to enjoy the sensation of free flight. Surfing the clouds, soaring cliffs and observing the nature from a birds-eye view. Once the time will start running out you can always decide to prolong your flight and go for an XXL.

Duration approx. 20 min.
Price 120,- EUR


If you want a big adventure from the start, this is the best option. We will have enough time to cross a major part of the island and witness drastic changes of landscape and
vegetation. This is the ultimate sightseeing tour.

Duration 40 - 60 min.
Price 175,- EUR


A relaxed flight doesn’t satisfy all, some like it a bit spicy with a good dose of adrenaline. That’s when acrobatic paragliding comes into play. Thanks to special equipment we can undergo a set of high G-force maneuvers like SAT, Deep Spiral or Looping along with other softer moves like Helicopters, Wing Overs and Misty Flips. Ready for the roller-coaster ride?

Duration 20 - 40 min.
Price 200,- EUR

What is included?

Prices include
Instructor and Sports Equipment
Medical and liability insurance

Video (Full HD)
GPS Tracklog
25,- EUR

Your Pilot

Fly El Hierro is led by Ondrej Prochazka. He is a certified tandem instructor and competition pilot ensuring that you will enjoy the flight from takeoff till landing. Fly with a worlds’ elite pilot that has battled it to many competition podiums. After setting two World Records and winning a World Cup, Ondrej is now concentrating on sharing his experience through tandem flights. Having spent thousands of hours in the air you are indeed in the best hands.

Contact our team

We are here to answer any questions you might have regarding your flight, such as; "What clothes should I wear?" "When should I book my flight?"  Ask away! Feel free to call us daily between 9:ooAM - 9:ooPM on the number below or WhatsApp. For written inquiries use the Facebook Messenger form. We look forward in hearing from you, soon.

(+34) 684 297 672

Frontera, El Hierro